Meet Kristin, Owner

As a busy mom of twins,  I have always been on the quest for balance of life. Time is something that we can never get enough of. We want to go back in time, we want more hours in the how we spend our time is extremely important to us. 


In the early part of my career, I taught high school English while pursuing my Master of Education degree.  As a second career, I spent over 15 years in senior management  doing business development and client management in the financial industry in New York City, Boston and Europe. During this time, my roles also expanded to include event management from client cocktail parties & destination dinners, to industry black tie galas.  Most recently though, I have been spending my time as a substitute teacher in the Nauset Public School System. While I have loved my journey so far, I decided it was time to make my other career aspirations come true. 


I have been very fortunate in my careers to work with and serve people at all levels.  I know what it takes to make my clients' lives more manageable and stress free.  I believe my ability to anticipate my clients' needs and my attention to detail is what sets The Cape Concierge, LLC apart in the Lifestyle Management industry. Please let me know how I can help you. I look forward to hearing from you and serving you on Cape Cod!

Keeper of the Candles

While many people are becoming familiar with the term "concierge," few people know where this customer service-based profession originated.  According to Entrepreneur Magazine's Concierge Guide, "concierge" evolved from the French title "Comte Des Cierges" which means "Keeper of the Candles".  The "Keeper of the Candles" served the families of kings and tended to the visiting noblemen during the medieval era. They kept the candles to all the castle's rooms and made sure that all guests were well taken care of during their stay. 

At The Cape Concierge, we too are dedicated to our client's satisfaction and will deliver the highest quality of service. So whether you are a guest visiting the beautiful shores of Cape Cod, own a second home in one of our charming towns or are fortunate to live here year round, The Cape Concierge is here to assist you with "All Things Cape".

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